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About "distraction"


Distraction is a true story of romance, yet it reads like a book of fiction as Satrece finds herself living between Bali and Java and, the waters of Southeast Asia. For more than seventeen years, she embraced her destiny as an empowered woman who chose the road less travelled by living in a jungle while owning her own successful furniture business. Challenged in daily life with hard work, the lack of infrastructure, cultural differences and language barriers; life was often difficult yet quite fulfilling, as she fed and nurtured the native people of Indonesia. These are barriers to most, but not to Satrece as she embraced life and conquered her challenges. Her beauty and elegance did not fit with her surroundings of minimal infrastructure, as they suggest a confined life-style of local village living. She learns to accept humorous life-changing lessons in the harshest of environments. Settling into her future, she believes her life has pinnacled and she is entirely fulfilled. It is here that Distraction begins. She finds herself in a romantic entanglement with the mystery man, Ron. This story launches with their unexpected, and intoxicating attraction. Challenges for romance quickly factor in from their careers, their past life choices, and living on opposite sides of the world. Life’s complexities seem to create an impossible resolution for them to find true love. Can intimacy and a desire to be together be enough to allow them to find love…? Or is their fate sealed by their professions and the luck found in their lives’ thereby demanding the sacrifice of any luck in finding their true love…?

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