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Satrece writes about true accounts of her extraordinary life spanning decades that are meticulously documented through amazing life events that occurred in the foreign lands where she lived. distraction is her first book release.  The next two books in the series are destiny and dubai and both are currently in progress. 


Although a true story of romance, distraction reads like fiction as Texas-born Satrece finds herself living between Bali and Java, and the waters of Southeast Asia. For more than seventeen years, Satrece lives boldly as a woman on the road less travelled. She builds a thriving furniture business in the jungle with its daily challenges of cultural differences and language barriers. Satrece's contemporary style and Western elegance would seem to clash with the harsh conditions and simple existence of village life, but friendly curiosity and humor help her absorb the lessons taught by the native people of Indonesia. Having thought her life is fulfilled, she's instead drawn into a romantic, if also troubling entanglement with Ron, a rare man who delights in her offbeat and remote existence. Despite an intoxicating attraction, lasting love seems impossible to reconcile with their careers, past lives, and homes separated by oceans and continents. Will intimacy and desire bring them together, or are they forever fated to be lucky in life but unlucky in love?

destiny Coming soon

destiny has even more action packed stories happening in Indonesia, but as Satrece decides to ‘return to the homeland’ to visit, it’s an adjustment for everyone, trying to add someone new to a life that each has already built. Ron thinks that he has blown her out of the water with all the fancy client dinners, Harley rides, attendance at all American sporting events – like football, basketball, etc., and a lot of typical, classic American entertainment. What he doesn’t realize is part of the reason Satrece lives fulfilled in the jungle is because she searched and found a new exotic life and spirituality that is a lot less of the American way. Can she adjust…? Does she want to adjust? Will she find the life that she is meant to have with this next chapter of her life? Only ‘destiny’ will tell…as two worlds collide.

dubai Coming soon

Satrece will take you on a journey of a lifetime that will take you to places you've never been, a romance dreams are made of, and lead you into experiences beyond your wildest imagination.


Your story sets up a meeting of romance and intrigue as it turns to the background story about the heroine intertwined with the beginnings of her courtship with the hero. It truly is a story of romance and adventure with some fun comedy and endearing tears. This is the beginning of a full story, one that takes you through all of the emotions and brings your reader into the heart of what’s to come. Even though it may have a marketing correlation with a Fifty Shades of Grey, I see it more like Forest Gump, because this is a story that takes you on a ride of a full sleigh of feelings.

Riley Rose,

Bestselling Author and Award Winning Producer

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