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About Satrece

Author ~ Entrepreneur ~ Humanitarian

What the Author brings to her books

Satrece Lorenz is an author, a world-accomplished entrepreneur and a humanitarian. Her passport reflects more than 55 countries. She is a native Texan who has earned two engineering degrees from the University of Houston. She left the U.S. almost 25 years ago, having homes in Bali, Java, and Dubai and as of recent, the U.S. again.

Having suffered a personal tragedy in her life, she left America for Bali, Indonesia. With recovery and healing, she embraced her destiny and created a new life for herself. She builds a furniture empire in the jungle of Jepara, Java employing nearly five hundred local villagers while conquering countless challenges. Her furniture company created and exported original designs throughout the world.


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The Satrece brand is dedicated to liberating souls and inspiring people to live their dreams. Bringing Style, Adventure, and Erotica to the brave new world. It's time to unleash your innermost wildest fantasies. 

She began living the full adventure while traveling and exploring the waters of Southeast Asia for weeks at a time on her yacht, while seeking soulful enlightenment in her travels around the globe.


Her first book, distraction launches a trilogy that will include the forthcoming destiny and dubai. She describes extraordinary years spent among exotic backdrops, where colorful details emerge from having lived the remarkable events herself.

She is presently an inspirational speaker on travel, expat living, creating the life you want, and empowerment. She is an advanced practitioner in Angels of Light Therapy and Theta Healing.

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